Thursday, April 17, 2014

Totes magotes!

I have been working on some fun surprise stuff for a wonderful friend!  Lorna, over at Sew Fresh Quilts! I'm surprising her with this little care package.

She has a new sewing machine, "Aunt Elna", that is similar to I made s simple slip cover for her sewing machine.

Then I made her this tote.  It measures 14" high x 16" wide x 5" deep.  The front lemon square is a pocket!

This is the back.

There is a zipper pocket on one side...

...and a slash pocket, divided into 3 smaller pockets on the other!

She is my very 'tweet' friend, and I found this fun blue bird fabric at Walmart!

This little make-up brush pouch was a special request from my sister.  It was hard to give this one up.

It measures 4 x 9 x 1 1/2.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A tiny little UFO!

I received 2 donated tiny UFOs this week. 


The instructions were poor at best, and this picture is small.  After a lot of sewing and unsewing, I finally got it all figured out.  The center squares are a pre-printed 2 1/2 x 2 1/2in. square.

I had a fun sewing day with my daughter!  It is so much fun to watch her sewing progress.  She's a natural born sewer!  Thanks for the great day little girl!

It didn't lay very flat, so I decided that I needed to do an all over loose meander in hopes that it would cooperate..

I used Auriful #50.  I had 3 little sunbonnet Sue squares left, so I pieced them into the back.  I used a 2 in. binding instead of the usual 2 1/4in.  That outside border is only 1 1/2in wide and I didn't want the binding to overwhelm the quilt.  I sewed the binding down by machine.

This quilt ended up at 26 x 26.  It will make a great wall hanging or a doll blanket!

The winner of my giveaway is Kelli from "Seriously..I Think It Needs Stitches"! Congratulations Kelli!!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Getting bigger by the minute!

I know that a lot of you have been asking about Charlotte, and how she's doing.  I also know that there are a lot of you that don't know about Charlotte.  Charlotte is my grand daughter, and she was born last September.  Well, you may ask...what makes that so special?  Her due date was November 25th!  If you want to see photos of her and read more of the story, you can check it out HERE!  She was only 2lb. 2oz!

She is now over 14lb!  She is healthy and able to go out of the house. 

She likes to spend time on her tummy.

And she is starting to giggle!  I tell you, it is one of the happiest sounds I have ever heard!

Yes, I have a thing for baby feet.  So sweet!

I do enjoy spending time with her....just wish I had more of it.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

All in, all DONE!!.....6 & 7

I have had a couple of posts HERE and HERE about my 7 quilt quilting adventure!  I am VERY happy to say that I have now completed all 7!!  I have really loved it.  I have had the opportunity to practice and get much faster at FMQ.  Practice on full sized quilts is always a good thing.

Read clear to the bottom for a great surprise!!! 


I decided to a simple all over meander.  I used a pink variegated 50wt thread.

Trimming after quilting.  You've got to square up your edges!

Can you believe that this is the back of the quilt?


Ready to start!

Again, the simple meander.

Here's a look at the front and the back of the binding at the same time.

These two beautiful quilt tops were donated by Chris S.  She has been so very generous over the years with her donations.  Thank you so much Chris!

I'm soo exciting to have these quilts all turned in for next years sale!  Thanks Chris, Deborah and Cindy for your generosity in donating these UFOs!!


I know that you will be glad that you read all the way to the bottom of this post!  It is my one year "blogiversary"!!!  I feel so excited to have made it this far.  I so very much appreciate all the new friends that I have made in this last year.  I'm having a blogaversary GIVEAWAY!

There are 3 pieces of "Wee Sprig" Garden Wall Collection by Laura Gunn for Michael Miller.  Each piece is 13x21.  There are also 2 pkg of Schmetz Microtex needles 80/12.  These are great needles for piecing.  All you have to do is leave me a comment.  If you are a follower, new or established, leave a second comment as to how you follow "A Quilter's Mission" for a second chance to win.  I will draw a winner on Tuesday at NOON PST.  Good luck to all my wonderful bloggy friends!

The winner of the above giveaway is Kelli from "Seriously...I Think It Needs Stitches" ! CONGRATULATIONS Kelli!

Please remember, if you are a "no reply" blogger, to leave me your email address.  You can't win if I can't get ahold of you!!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Numbers 3,4 & 5 out of 7!

If you remember, a while back I posted about 7 quilts that I had waiting to be quilted HERE!  I showed you the 2 quilts that I had finished quilting and the 3rd one that I had started basting.  Welll.....


Here I am FMQ a loop-t-loop pattern.  I used off white Aurifil 50 wt.

This is quilt #4.

Then I got distracted.  My order from came in the mail!  This is my new sewing machine lighting kit!  Super duper easy installment, an look at all the light it offers.  Please, go by and check it out!

I quilted this one 1/4" on either side of the seam lines.  I used lemon yellow Superior thread on the front and Aurifil white on the back.  I love the effect, but burying all those thread was a real nightmare.

This is quilt #5.

I did a simple FMQ meander on this quilt also.  I used Aurifil off white 50wt.

I sewed all of the bindings on by machine.  My most favorite way to attach bindings!  I just love the clean look.

All three of these quilt tops were generously donated by Deborah at Simply Miss Luella!  Her generosity is greatly appreciated, and the fact that she would trust me with her precious tops is amazing.  Thank you Deborah!

The two tops mentioned in my post HERE, were donated by Cindy at Live A Colorful Life!  I tell you what, I don't know how I could do it without generous donors.  Thanks Cindy!

Two more quilts to go, and I'm hoping to have then done by Friday.

If you have questions as to how you could donate to such a worthy cause (MCC/MDS), leave a comment or email me!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

West Coast MCC Sale and Auction....SUCCESS!!!

This weekend was the annual West Coast Mennonite Sale and Auction for World Relief!  I know, that is a long title, and that's why we call it the MCC Sale!

What a fabulous weekend it was.  There were food booths of all kinds, antiques, silent auctions, live auctions and friends galore!  I have told you a little about this charity in my pages above, but to live it is such an exciting feeling.

The sale is held at Fresno Pacific University the first full weekend each April.  Great facilities for such a big event.

This is the platform that the auctioneer, the ticket taker and the announcer sit.  I announced quilts for the first hour on Saturday morning!

You can see the green where all the food booths are.  A great place to catch up with old friends.

One of my favorite treats are Raisin Fritters (New Years Cookies).  Once they are fried, they are rolled in cinnamon and sugar.  They are served warm and so tasty.  They are an old German tradition in my family, and we don't even have to mess up the kitchen to get them
These rugs are soooo popular! 
The quilts are all numbered and displayed.  You can get a printed program booklet and mark the quilt you want to bid on and follow along as they are auctioned.  In this picture there are 6 of my quilts displayed!
Each year there are 6 "featured" quilts.  I have always dreamed of having a featured quilt...and this year my dream came true!  What an honor!!
This is how the quilts are displayed for auction.  This is a round platform with a bed on each side.  The quilts are stacked numerically (about 9 to a bed), and they are held up one at a time.

The gals show the quilts front and back and then let the auctioneer do his thing.  This quilt is one of mine, "Safe Haven" by Thimbleberry....and it sold for $1,000!!!  That was a thrill.

This is another one of mine that sold for $500!

Yes, this is mine and sold for $700!

And, finally my featured quilt.  I am happy to say that this one sold for $2,000!  I feel blessed beyond words to be a part of such a great cause.  Remember, I use donated fabrics and want to thank everyone who has been generous enough to donate fabric and other items.  Some pretty good lemonade if I do say so myself!

There were over 250 quilts auctioned this year.  The proceeds from quilts only was $76,015.00!  I personally had 40 quilts in the sale, and the proceeds from my quilts was $10,565.00!  There will be great and mighty things done with this money.  Many families and lives around the world will be touched.

Proceeds for the entire sale and auction was a little over $200,000!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!

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