Monday, February 24, 2014

Do you have schnibbles?

I have lots of schnibbles, and when I tell you what they will realize that you have them too!

See, I told you so!  Schnibbles are scraps or bits of fabric.  This is such a great book for using both charm packs and layer cakes.  The pattern I choose is called "Lincoln".  Here I am marking diagonal lines on the squares.

There is a lot of sub cutting, chain piecing, trimming and pressing.  Did I mention trimming?

I added 2 rows to my quilt to make a queen size.  Here I am doing the final pressing on the stars.

Here are all the components waiting to have their seams pressed.

I also made my piano keys 6 in. instead of the 5 in. called for.

This quilt ended up 78x96.

It was overcast this day, and the colors in the two photos above don't show the true colors.  This photo is pretty accurate.  This is just the flimsy.  I turned it in to the NFQ.  I let them make the call as to how to quilt it!

Join me over at Let's BEE Social with Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts!!!  This linky party is a wonderful way to meet other quilty friends!!  Thanks Lorna.

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Grow Your Blog giveaway winners!!!

A few weeks back, I participated in the "Grow Your Blog" blog hop!  It was wonderful to get to know so many new friends.  I had a giveaway for a personalized pouch with 2 winners!  I am pleased to announce who they are and show you their pouches.  In no particular order, we have.....


I used my darning foot to FMQ her name on the front!

Amy from Sew Incredibly Crazy!

Auditioning a layout for these HST....I think this one is great!

Again, FMQ Amy's name!

A few extra goodies for each of them!  Congratulations to Connie and Amy, and thank you again for stopping by "A Quilter's Mission".

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Floor time flimsy!

Again, keeping myself busy while the floors were being installed.

Day 3 of installation:

There is a LOT of chain piecing with this quilt.

Time to trim the half flying geese square.

No cutting board, so I had to do this the old fashioned way!

You go where you need to, not that go!  Although it would be quick and easy.  I only had access to my bedroom, and this was the only free outlet.

Have you ever attempted partial seams?  It really isn't difficult.  Try it!

Remember what I said about a lot of string piecing?

Completing those partial seams.

Day 4 of installation:

Sewing the rows together.

And...ta-da!!!  The day that the floors were done, so was I.  They beat me by about 45 min.

This is only a flimsy.  I am really loving the way it turned out.

Again, this pattern is from "Another Bite of Schnibbles".  It finished at 76 x 92.  The name is "Roundabout".

Thank you for sticking with me through my floor time adventures.

Now it is time to paint and get all of our belongings back into their proper place.  Can't wait for our new furniture.  Our dinning table/chairs will be delivered Sunday.  The rest is on order, I am thinking it will be here about April.  I'll do an update when all is said and done.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Flooring and sewing!

I had to pass the time this week, while our new floors were being installed.  I had a very tiny sewing space, but at least I got 2 projects done!

This first project is for Charlotte's upcoming baby shower!  Yes, she is almost 6 mo. old, and finally able to travel.  They are all coming next month.  I'm so excited.  It will be a few months before she can go shopping with her mommy, but, I have already given her all the gifts I had made for her original showers. For those of you who don't know, Charlotte was born 3 mo. premature, and spent the first 97 days of her life in the NICU!

This pattern has a pocket on the inside of the seat, and a pouch on the outside.  It all folds into this pouch for easy carrying!  Look at the lower left hand corner of the pattern pictured above.

Sewing on the biased binding on the leg holes.

Sewing down said binding.  With everything packed away and under sheets out in the garage, I could not find a safety pin to thread the elastic through the edges!  I will post a completed photo as soon as I can find a safety pin.  This was made on Day 2 of the floor installation.

Finally on Saturday, I was able to retrieve some safety pins!!  What a chore...threading the elastic through was tough.  My hands and shoulders hurt for hours after.

I had to go into Walmart to 'borrow' some toys!

An inside front pocket for toys, and the back pocket for...

folding the whole thing up into!  Yes, it makes it's own tote.  We all know how much I like totes!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT....Amy from Sew Incredibly Crazy has won my 'Grow Your Blog' personalized pouch giveaway!  Congratulations Amy!  Let me know what color you want.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The tale of two floors! days 2, 3 & 4

The bedroom and closet look wonderful, but there is an entire house full of awful carpet and tile to remove, so that was next!

Day 2 & 3.... All 6 of the guys showed up on time and away they went. 

They were efficient and quick!  It took them about 6 1/2 hrs to take up all the old flooring.  It was very noisy and dusty.  I sat in my bedroom with my sewing machine set up and started a couple of new projects. 

I'll show you more later...

Chipping out all the old tile was not easy.  I am so glad that it's gone.  They chipped out the tile in front of the fireplace too.  I wanted the new floors to butt up next to that ugly decorative tile on the wall around the fireplace.  There were cracks in the concrete that had to be filled with a compound, sanded and then vacuumed up.

They actually had time to start installing the floors that same day.  I tell you, these young men were fast!

Day three....Mr H needed a place to eat breakfast.  I will admit, I laughed when I walked around the corner and saw him sitting there, trying to eat a bowl of cereal.

Day 4....Base boards back and all is ready for the furniture to be moved back in.  See what I mean about consistent flooring?  I am VERY pleased with my new floors.

Now it's time to paint.  I just hate this wall color with the new floors.  It used to look yellow/ it looks pee green!  Yuck!!!
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