My Mission!

I would like to share my story and inspiration with my readers.  My mother taught me to sew when I was about 7 years old.  She was so patient and taught me everything she knew.  By the time I was in 5th grade, I was sewing most of my own clothes.  In Junior High school, I was teaching the home economics teacher how to install a zipper!  In high school, I had 2 periods of home economics each day! 

As a Junior in high school, I attended the very first West Coast Mennonite Sale & Auction for World Relief.  It is a long name, but their mission is simple.  They raise money for local and worldwide relief, education, and development in under served areas.  At the sale, there are food booths, along with auctions for antiques, art and over 500 quilts, afghans and comforters. They are able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in Canada as well as nation-wide in the USA!  (Locally, the sale takes place at Fresno Pacific University the first full weekend in April every year, unless that weekend is Easter, then it moves to the following weekend). 

About 12 years ago, I decided I wanted to learn how to make beautiful quilts like the ones I saw at the sale each year. Reading every quilting book I could get my hands on, I knew that with my sewing background, there was no reason why I couldn't learn how to piece together quilts myself!  Starting off with simple patchwork rag quilts, I made about 20 of them before feeling confident enough to try my hand at making blocks.

In October 2010, I contacted our local MCC quilt coordinator to see if I could help in some way.  I started off  by hemming finished quilts.  By the end of that same year, I was cutting, piecing and making quilt tops for our church quilting group, the NFC Quilters.  I have made over 225 tops since I started.  Now I'm learning how to machine quilt some of the quilts myself!  We use donated fabrics, kits and UFO's.  That is why my motto is "making lemonade from lemons."

With the encouragement of several blogging friends, I started "A Quilter's Mission" on April 11, 2013.  I hope that my site will encourage everyone to seek a charity in their own neighborhood, or contact me for more information.  If my story or blog encourages even one other person to donate to a charity, my mission is a success!  I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to share how the Lord has blessed me in my quilting endeavors!

Please click on my 'Who Are MCC & MDS' page to read all about them!  Their work is amazing, and without donations, their work would come to an end.


Val's Quilting Studio said...

I donate my long-arm quilting services to Project Linus/Boise Idaho chapter. The greatest reward I get is adding whimsical designs to these baby/children quilts! I agree with you...quilting is a mission of heart!

Angie in SoCal said...

I donate the quilts I make to new mothers. It make my heart sing to know that they are being wrapped around a precious new baby whose family needs a little help.

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