Thursday, April 18, 2013

MORE DONATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Chris and Chris for the fantastic donations.  My cupboards are filling FAST!!  Thank God for the generosity of others.  It is such a pleasure to be on the receiving end of stash cleansing.  I know that God will use these bits and pieces for His glory.

Got a little more un-sewing done today on my "I SPY".  Only about a half of a row.  I got a paper cut on the middle finger of my left hand yesterday.  It made it a little more difficult to yank on small pieces of thread.  Besides the fact that my finger tips are just plain sore.

I brought home 2 more quilts from NFC Quilters yesterday.  Had a chance to sew the binding down and prepare them for hemming.  One is a wall hanging and the other is a comforter, both are beautiful, all are made from donations.  I love what I do!

Stand back and look at your stash.  Is there something there that can be donated to a local charity quilting group?  Think about'll feel really good.

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