Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just a little look-see!

I only brought one quilt home from quilting yesterday!  A little surprised, but I have already sewn down the binding and started hemming it.

I had enough left over to make a matching pillow. 16x16
I finished this little gem this morning.  I showed you a sneak peek on my last post.

It is straight line quilted about 3/4 of an inch apart!

A pocket opening is the easiest!  This is the same backing as the quilt will have.

Here is a view into my 'creating room'!  It is a spare bedroom in our home...a TINY room of only 10x11.  It is a work in progress.  I plan on paint, new floors, new seating, new storage, valances, etc.......
There is my small TV and boom box.  That's entertainment!
This is where I sit and do my posting!  It is the hub of all I do.  I appreciate the fact that my Mr H has worked so hard at making this a great place to create.  He truly is my MR WONDERFUL!!
Remember, tomorrow is the first day of the NEW BLOGGERS BLOG HOP!! 
Here is a list of Friday's blogs.....please visit each one.  They are all such talented quilters and bloggers!
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You can click on Plum and June for additional into!  Thank you Beth, for all of your hard work and this great opportunity.



Kim said...

What!! You only took one quilt home to stitch!! I am speechless!! You're slipping Miss Vicki!! So this is where you create your looks like a li'l bit of quilting heaven!! Love it!! AND.....a tv and computer as well....why ma dear, it's a wonder you ever leave!! ;)

Kirsten said...

Such a great idea to use the leftovers to make the matching pillow.

RobinSue said...

Thank you for sharing your workspace. I love seeing how other quilters organize - or in my case - disorganize! I better not show my husband your pics or he'll insist I move everything to one room!

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