Thursday, July 3, 2014

A quick big box pouch!

My sister just moved out of town, and my other sister and I planned a last minute good-bye dinner.  I needed a fast going away gift for her.  Soooo...I sat down and made her a big box pouch.  I had gotten a box full of upholstery samples the day before, and figured that I wouldn't even have to line it.

I picked out the piece that I liked the best and got to work.  I only squared up the square that was the sample.  Inserting the zipper was a breeze.  I'm so glad that I ordered all those zippers from ZIPIT a couple of months ago.  Time to reorder!
I knew that I would need a handle, and beings I had no leftovers from the pouch, I chose a coordinating piece.  I cut it 2 1/2 by the width of the sample piece...about 14 inches.

Then came time to box the corners.  As you can see, I didn't line it, and the inside has a great texture.

Here it is all done.  It measures about 4"x4" at the boxed end, and about 10" long.  They travel a lot, so I know she will use from this quick gift.


Amy at love made my home said...

What a great way to use the fabric samples that you have and a lovely gift for your sister. I hope that she enjoys her travels and that you don't miss her too much. xx

Kim said...

Soooo gorgeous Miss Vicki!! Love, love, love the fabric and what a clever design for a pouch!! Lucky sister!!

Catherine said...

That is such a useful gift. I wish I had a sister to make for too. She'll think about you every time she uses it. Visiting from Sew Cute Tuesday

Jackie said...

That is awesome, so clever!! I am not good with zippers, but what a cool bag I wish I could make!! My sister lives a state away, it is tough but we have so much fun when she visits!

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