Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lemonade from Lemons!

OK ladies, here it goes.  I am so excited to be sending my first blog.  My new blog site is all about quilting for a mission.  95% of all the quilt tops I make are completed by the NFC Quilters and auctioned off to help raise money for disaster relief around the world.

Making lemonade out of lemons is what I do!  I work almost exclusively with donated fabrics and UFO's.  I know it's sometimes hard to part with the fabric we have in our stashes.  You know, the fabrics that we just don't know what we could ever make with it.  All of those donations help keep others warm.  Donating needs to become an important part of every quilters cleaning ritual.  I am sure that you can find a charity in your area, that can use your scraps and UFO's.

As soon as I learn how to download pictures, they will become part of my site.  I hope that this will be a site of encouragement and little nudges to help you think outside the closet.  I know that as NFC Quilters, we are always open to donations.

Just last weekend, we participated in the 46th annual West Coast Mennonite Sale and Auction for World Relief.  As you can tell by the name, it is held each year.  Tens of thousands of dollars are raised, and I think that it is the best live quilt auction, anywhere!!   There were over 200 quilts auctioned on Saturday. It is an honor and privilege to be a part of such a wonderful cause. 

I am a self taught quilter.  I have never taken a class, ever.  I started making quilt tops for missions in November of 2010.  I have made about 210 tops since.  From really big to really small.  A lot of the quilt tops that I make, I design. 

I'd love to hear comments and questions. Anything that you'd like to know about? Join me again, when I talk about a quilter's mission!

Thank you for dropping by my site.  I look forward posting pictures and hearing back from all of you.  V


Marly said...

Everyone has to start somewhere, with or without pictures, and your first post was very informative. It's good to read your quilting adventures.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

I never realized Vicki that you started quilting just a few months before me! I love this post as I learned so much about you!Your whole blog and mission statement make complete sense to me now! LOL!!!

Janet said...

I admire your dedication to helping others. I have made a few quilts to donate to causes, but postage is so expensive now that mostly I don't step up anymore.

Anita in Florida said...

Yeah...that old shipping thing...I agree it's gotten so expensive! But I have donated many quilts and embroidered paper doll sets. Good luck to you. I got here thru Val's linky.

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