Monday, June 3, 2013


One of my friends has given me an antique quilt that needs fixing! 

It needs some major help...and so do I!
There are 22 of these frayed linen hexie centers.  Each one is a little different in size and shape, and I will need to cute one at a time.

I found this Moda fabric that matches pretty well.  Unfortunately, I did not make note of the color name.  Do I remove all of the old centers, or just add the new right on top?  I didn't really realize the scope of the fix when I agreed to take it on.  I have to admit.....I am nervous!
Here are my Monday finishes!!!  I did get some stuff done today!
Baby burp clothes for my new grandbaby!  This will be grandma's first gift! (notice what the top clothe says?)
My 'bee' blocks!  This is my first collaborative quilt project.....I am so excited!  9 Patch is my favorite block pattern!
Here is my next project!  Batik is not my favorite fabric to sew with, but I do 'make lemonade out of lemons'!!
Don't forget about the NEW BLOGGER BLOG HOP over at Plum and June!!  It starts next week, and will be a great way to see what inspires new bloggers.  What a great opportunity to meet and get acquainted with other quilty bloggers!!!


Trepmom said...

I wish I could give you guidance but I would not know how to fix them either. I think i would try to applique right over them... Maybe... (not alot of help, I know). Hopefully you will get some good comments with ideas. I have a bowtie quilt my great great grandmother made and it needs repair too. I will check your comments to see if I can get any ideas too. Congratulations on the news of your new grandbaby! What joy and excitement that news brings! I see alot of baby sewing in your future :). You still amaze me at all that you get done. Your 9 patches are lovely and the burp clothes are too cute. I've never sewn with batiks but I've seen some beautiful quilts made with them. I know whatever you design will be beautiful too. Have a wonderful day!

Kim said...

Ooooooh an antique hexagon still my beating heart!! I would remove the old then you would have a flat hexagon without any bumpy bits of fabric underneath....more work I know but I think it would make for a neater finish. Loving your nine patch blocks for your collaborative quilt Miss Vicki.....always a favorite!! Happy Stitching!!

CitricSugar said...

I would probably applique over them as well - maybe trim out the worst bits but leave at least 1/2" as "seam allowance" of the original for under the appliqué so it won't fray further.. Then applique it to the edges of the surrounding hexes and not the original. If that makes sense. :-)

Congrats on the grandbabe!

Deborah said...

What a beautiful vintage quilt! The background fabric is such a lovely color! I would applique over the damaged pieces after removing the shreds. Our bee quilt is going to bee beautiful!

Lisa said... this may give you some ideas on how to patch over it. I have found that cutting out can be worse than covering up. Make your hexi a little larger so that it is seamed on the good fabric. I hope it might give you an idea.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

That hexie quilt is gorgeous. I've never repaired an old quilt but I know with antique linen the danger points are edges so cutting the old hexies out will make new edges which might tear away from your new stitching. So I'd applique over or just cut the middles out leaving a good 1/2" seam allowance. I should repeat, though, I know nothing about old quilts.

Donna said...

What a beautiful quilt! It is wonderful that you are repairing it. I would applique over it myself but I am no expert!
Love your blog and I am now following you.
Thank you for finding me. I see you are going to be a grandmother too :)

Aoife said...

The quilt is beautiful, but I can see why you're so daunted by the damage! I have no personal experience, but I read this blog post last month on fixing quilt damage (by mouse) - maybe it will help!? I'm sure you could email the blogger for more in depth questions! Hope it goes well for you! Oh, and the subliminal messaging in the burp cloths is an excellent idea ;)

heart of charnwood said...

I agree with the ladies who suggest tidying up the ends/edges of the centre hexy's, and applique directly over the top to secure it. Good Luck :o)

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