Thursday, April 25, 2013


Just got home from my sisters birthday party!  A great time with all 3 of my sisters.  Nothing fancy, but fun!

Here is another finish that I turned in yesterday!  It was beautifully prairie stitched by Lori.  Her work is outstanding.  Thanks, Lori!

What happens is, we get lots of donated fabric.  I bundle what I think will make a pretty quilt and either design a pattern or choose a pattern that suits the amount of fabric I have.  As I complete each quilt top, I turn them in to our coordinator.  We have several cupboards that we keep tops in, waiting to be small stitch quilted, prairie stitched, machine quilted or tied.  When the quilting is done, they are usually passed back to me for binding.  (Sewing on the binding is ny favorite part of quilt making, and is how I got started with the NFC Quilters.)  When I have the hand stitched binding done, I bring the completed project back to the coordinator to take to MCC headquarters in Reedley, CA. 

This is just one example of lemonade!  This quilt was prairie stitched and brought in $200 at the MCC auction last year.  I added a row in either direction and the piano key border to make it bed size.  I used scrapes and yardage that were donated.  This picture was taken before this quilt was stitched.  I didn't know at the time of completion, that I would someday have a blog!  Thank you donanters!

I will go further into my story in future posts.  I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!!

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