Sunday, April 28, 2013


It was nice going to church, then out to lunch with Mr H.  Sunday's are our day to be together for sure, our "date" day!  Always a pleasure.

I thought that I'd tell you a little more about my quilting story.  Back in October of 2010, I had knee surgery scheduled, and the Dr said that I'd have to be completely off my feet for at least 6 weeks.  I approached the quilting coordinator for the NFC Quilters to see if they had any quilts I could hem for them.  She was shocked that I'd even ask.  She said that she didn't know of anyone who'd want to hem quilts unless they had to.  Well, as I have said in the past, it is my favorite part of making a quilt.  She was happy to keep me busy with hemming projects.

It ended up that I only had to be off my feet for 2 weeks, so I was able to move on to bigger and better things.  The coordinator eventually asked if I knew how to cut out quilts, then it was, do I know how to sew quilts, now it is - do whatever you'd like.  I feel so blessed to have been entrusted with the designing and sewing of so many beautiful quilt tops with so much beautiful donated fabric. 

So far I have made 153 or so quilts.  I know that there are some I failed to take a photograph, so the exact count is unknown.  It is so exciting to be able to MAKE LEMONADE OUT OF LEMONS!!!!! 

These are just a small cross section of the quilts that I have made.  From simple small quilts, to larger more difficult quilts.  I know that the Lord has blessed me and will bless whomever is sleeping under each of these quilts!  I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!!!!!!!!


Kim said...

Vicki, I love your story!! What a blessing you are to stitch each quilt with so much love and such a happy and generous spirit. I am looking forward to reading about your quilting journey and the beautiful quilts that you fashion! God bless as you stitch away!!

Carla said...

Wow! This is a wonderful story. Charity quilts are dear to my heart, too. Do you read Cindy's blog, Live a Colorful Life? She lives in Fresno as well.

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