Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Have been working on my strawberry quilt.  I DID have enough to get all of the missed pieces cut!  I only had to piece 2 of the gingham squares. 

I have the rows (35) lined up and ready to sew.  I have finished about 1/2 so far.  A lot of strip piecing.  I have been looking at a lot of strawberries!  Finally had to just quit for the day.

I said last night that I'd talk about my assembly line cutting if anyone was interested.  Well, I got several requests to hear more about the process.  Keep in mind that this picture was taken before I had a blog.  It isn't as detailed as it would have been if I had taken it today.

First thing I do is decide on the fabrics I want to use and either design or pick a pattern according to the amount of fabric I have.  It usually takes me hours to get that part of the process figured out.  I have a habit of rewriting amounts needed for each pattern.  I try to make my quilts as large as the fabric I am using will allow.  There is a lot of figuring amounts and math.  (I was always terrible in math!) The larger quilts sell better at auction, so it means one more row wide or long or both!  Once I have it all figured out, I "bundle" each quilts' fabric along with the pattern.  As you can see, I line up my bundles for cutting.

This is my living room.  I spend 1 - 2 weeks calculating and cutting out!  I use a small plastic folding table elevated on bed risers.  I repackage my cut projects and put them into plastic bins.  Finally, when I am ready to sit down and sew again, I just take off the top of the pile!  This picture shows 13 different bundles that I cut out all at one time. 

I do sew every day.  Or at least do something that has to do with my quilting.  The bottom picture shows a very SMALL portion of the stash that I have, and yes, this is ALL donated fabric.  Do you see the bundles on the bottom shelf?  They are all quilts that are ready to be cut out.  I praise the Lord every day, that I have this great opportunity to create and sew quilts.  It is my mission to sew for the glory of God!

I hope this wasn't to boring.  I love what I do!!!


Helen Philipps said...

You have been busy! I adore strawberry designs and your quilt will be lovely!
Wishing you a happy week.
Helen x

Trepmom said...

Hi. I found your blog through crazy mom quilts and have been following you. Love your photos. Your quilts are beautiful and you are very prolific! So much talent! And I think it is wonderful that you do it in our Lord's name. Will you be sharing your block patterns and techniques? I am a new quilter - started just this year - and am about to begin the binding on my first quilt. I can use all the pointers that I can find. I am truly addicted and also thank God that I am able to create such practical beauty with fabric. I believe a quilt is warmth, security and history all wrapped up in one beautiful package. What a joyful way to share God's love. The quilt I am working on is for a little girl at my church. She is one of eight children and has autism. Her mom says she loves blankets. I hope
She loves her pink raggedy squares quilt! I like your cutting process photos... But it left me wanting more... Will you give more detail when you have your next big cutting session? I don't know if I could do all that cutting first. I just want to sew! But I would like to see more of your process. I will check back on your blog. Have a great week and God bless! Ronda

Kim said...

Wow!! Your production line is one to be envied! I am afraid that my li'l olde head is addled when it comes to all things mathematics.....all those figures and measuring is usually the undoing of me! So very pleased for you that you had enough fabric afterall, to finish your beautiful strawberry quilt. I will be thinking of you, down here at the bottom of the world, as you quilt happily away each day! =)

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