Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quilts in miniature!

At my Reedley retreat last weekend, I sat next to a very interesting quilter. Her name is Karen Cary, and she quilts in miniature scale for doll houses.

I only wish that I had placed a nickel on this little quilt. It measured 5x7. Those little 'Sun Bonnet Sues' are on 1 in squares, and each Sue is only 3/4 in tall.  Each one is hand appliqued!  So sorry that these two pictures flipped on their sides.  I have no idea how to flip them back.

This little wedding ring block is so tiny. Those are regular dressmaker pins. each piece is about 1/4in and hand sewn.

Now...this last pattern she has is for a 'yo-yo' spread.  That is my dime over on the left by the pink circle. These are tiny, tiny little yo-yos.  She is making these items for sale.  She belongs to an international society that is involved in miniature houses and furnishings.  She has given me permission to print her website.  If you are interested in such remarkable work, you can contact Karen Cary at       www.karencary.com

She was telling me that she only started full scale quilting since last Christmas.  I was very impressed.   Hope you have enjoyed this lopsided look into miniature quilt making!

Jumping over to the linky party at Freshly Pieced...WIP Wednesday!  Thank you Lee for being such a gracious host each week!


Lorna McMahon said...

I have always admired mini quilts. And I mean these are MINI quilts! What fabulous talent! I think my thumbs are too big to manage works this small. Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

Oh what sweet itsy, bitsy, teeny quilts!! Amazing!!

Marsha Cooper said...

I seen the yo-yos and hopped in from the linky.
Recently I started making yo-yos...not that tiny.
How neat that she makes doll house size items!

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