Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Here is my first attempt at 'meander' quilting!  It turned out to be a lot of fun.  Thanks for the encouragement Kim!

I decided that I needed to relax and just do it!  It is not perfect....but I am pleased!
Had a great time with my NFC Quilting buddies today!  Welcome back, Deborah (Simply Miss Luella),  I have missed your beautiful smile!  Here are pictures of all my quilts that are in various stages of completion.  I so appreciate all of the lovely ladies that work so hard to make me look good!!
This one is being prairie stitched.  Those are antique flower pot squares that were donated, and I used repro fabrics for the other squares.  This is one of my designs!
This one is a collaborative effort between Chris S and myself!  It is also being prairie stitched.
This one was so much fun to make!  We got a boat load of retro calicoes donated, and this was the pattern I came up with.  Doesn't it remind you of the 70's?  Makes me want to go on a picnic!   It's bright and soft.  It is being tied.
Some little boy is going to love to have this quilt for his 'big boy bed'!!  It is a variation of a split rail pattern.  It is being tied.
I showed you this one a few weeks back.  It is huge, 101x101!  It is being small stitch quilted.  These ladies have their work cut out for them.  They do such excellent work!!  Yes, it has the bulk of the flower pot squares that were donated.  There were just to many for one quilt, so the previous one is more lap sized.  This is also a pattern that I designed!
So there you have it,  my Wednesday in a nut shell!!  It all starts with donations from so many generous hearts.  Then I work to make "lemonade out of lemons".  There are so many that help to make my "mission" a success!!  They all have such willing hearts and such talented hands.  Thank you Lord, for these great friends!  I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!
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Don't forget the "New Bloggers Blog Hop" coming in June and July!!!  This will be a great opportunity to get to know the new bloggers on the block!  You can go to Plum and June to find out all of the facts.  I can't think of a better way to get inspired and meet new friends.


Kim said...

I knew you could do it Miss Vicki!! Well done you clever lady you!! My goodness me so, so many beautiful quilts to salivate wonder you love what you do!! You don't perchance want to send the antique flower pot quilt to li'l olde me, down here at the bottom of the world do you?? She would look ever so perky in my humble abode. I wouldn't tell anyone!! Kim ;)

Trepmom said...

Oh, Vicky. Your quilts are beautiful and I am impressed with your meandering quilting. You ladies get so much done it boggles my mind! Thanks for the motivation. I think I will try the fmq although I know it won't be perfect :). Hope you have a nice day!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

What a wonderful collection of quilts! I like your meandering :)

Amira@littlemushroomcap said...

There is a lot in hand there..but I love it. Love to see the quilts when its done!

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