Monday, May 20, 2013


I didn't actually get any quilting done today, but I did practice.  I think hope know I can do this!  My plan is to definitely start tomorrow.

My daughter came over today for her first sewing lesson!  What a total thrill to have this great opportunity.  She wants to learn to quilt, so we started off with the "magic pillow cases".

It is so hard not to do everything for her, but she did an outstanding job!  I know that she will be very comfortable with her new Janome very soon.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet baby girl!!
I told you last night, that I would show you my purchases made in Alaska!  I am so excited about them.  First...
...this wonderful shop is in Ketchikan.  It was so bright and welcoming!  It is right next to the dock, so it was very easy to find!  This particular shop specializes in Alaskana & animal prints in both cotton and flannel. They have dozens of quilts on display, and so many choices.  How does one decide on just one quilts worth?  I finally narrowed it down to these great MODA fabrics.
I'm not sure what pattern I will use, but I got plenty of each print!  Here is the address, just in case you want to visit either in person or on line:
5 Salmon Landing
Salmon Landing Market (upstairs)
Ketchikan, AK
They have a second quilt shop right next door that has everything that one could want that is not Alaskan themed. 
It is hard to tell by this photo, but these are all wildlife themed pieces.  The pattern is called " I SPY ALASKA with a twist" by Lisa Moore. I bought the kit because I couldn't decide on exactly which animal prints to choose out of the dozens offered!  This quilt shop was in Skagway, and I forgot to take pictures of the inside.  Here is the address for this shop:
370 Third Ave
Skagway, AK
These shops are amazing.  They are opened year round, and keep the Alaskan ladies busy!  I would encourage you to visit, in person if at all possible.  I know that there are many more shops up there, just try googling QUILT SHOPS IN ALASKA, and see what you will find!!


Kim said...

Your 'sweet baby girl' will be whirring away on her new Janome just like her 'mama' in no time at all! Now about all those fabrics Vicki.....I'm glad that you left some fabrics for others to purchase!! ;)

Trepmom said...

Glad you are back. Love the fabrics. Can't wait to see what you make with them! My 15 year old daughter wants me to teach her to sew and I've printed instructions for those same pillowcases. We are going to have a sew day this weekend. I can't wait! I must finish a birthday quilt for a family friend before then, though. It will be finished quilt number 2 :) I got another chance to practice my binding on a table runner I made for my grandmother for Mother's Day. It turned out beautifully and the binding was a piece of cake! Will you donate the quilts you make from that Alaskan fabric or keep as momento of your wonderful trip?

Anonymous said...

Those fabrics are so pretty but I wish everyone could see them in person. They are vibrant and look like a lot of fun! Good luck deciding what to do with all of them, Vicki!

halfstitched said...

My mom taught me to sew too. I don't think she realized what she was doing...she created a monster! I've always wanted to go to Alaska, now I have another reason to go :)

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