Monday, July 22, 2013

My own Sac hop....

We spent some time with our expecting kids up in Sacramento this weekend!  It was time to do some serious shopping for our upcoming grand daughter.  It was so exciting, and we found so many new fabrics!  Here are just a couple of the great quilt shops that are in and around the Sacramento, CA area.
I loved this sign and knew I'd love this store before I even entered the front door!
603 5th St, Lincoln, CA 95648
Light, bright and sooooo cute!!
The selection was great, and they were extra friendly!
She had lots of project ideas happening!  Thank you so much, Katie Trott!!!!
Then we drove out to this great shop!
6011 Nicolaus Rd, Lincoln, CA  95648  
The selection of sale fabrics was unbelievable!
....more sale fabric!
Look how fun this shop is!  Thanks Debbie Whittaker, for letting us visit!
We also visited a great consignment store for kids!  'Once Upon a Child'!
3186 Arden Way  Sacramento, CA
The prices were great, and the staff was so friendly!  That's my grand daughter bump!

I will be blogging about our purchases and all the wonderful projects planned!  Check out Plum and June's Let's Get Acquainted - Monday!  You won't be disappointed!

Also, remember the New Bloggers Blog Hop, also ever at Plum and June!!


Kim said...

Wish I was there emptying my purse with you!! I love, love, love the first quilting shop...'tis pretty, witty and bright. How amazing are those bolts of sale you have enough moulah to buy food and eat this week...if you don't...well, that's least you have beautiful fabrics to take away the hunger pains!! ;)

Trepmom said...

Wow! What fabulous shops and fabric. How could you decide? Can't wait to see what you are working on. I'm not a grandmother, but I LOVE my grandmother. She's always been one of my most favorite people. It's a special role. Hope you enjoy every minute of it.

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